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The 25 Most Popular Christian Hymns


MOST POPULAR CHRISTIAN HYMNS Here we have The 25 Most Popular Christian Hymns. Hymns and other truth-filled songs have the habit of ministering to our hearts, giving us hope and faith. They teach us theology, help us minister to each other, unite us with Christians from the past centuries, and …

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Countries & region in which Rudraksha Trees Found

Rudraksha Tree Region Countries

ABOUT RUDRAKSHA TREE Rudraksha Trees are mostly found in South Eastern Asian Islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Iran,Java, Timur (Indonesia) and parts of South Asian Kingdom of Nepal, Srilanka,Burma, Myanmar, Tibet, Thailand, Malaysia, India, and northern parts of Australia, New Zea land, New California, Fiji, Philippines, South China, Japan …

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Lord Bhairav Temples in India

Bhairav Temples

BHAIRAV TEMPLES IN INDIA Bhairava (Sanskrit, “Terrible, Frightful”) also known as Kala Bhairava, is a Hindu god, a savage indication of Shiva connected with obliteration. He is regularly portrayed with scowling, furious eyes and sharp, tiger’s teeth and blazing hair; stark bare aside from laurels of skulls and a wound …

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