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Vaishnava jana – Gujarati Bhajan Lyrics in English

Vaishnav Jan Lyrics Bhajan

Vaishnava Jana To is one of the most popular Hindu Gujarati bhajans, written in the 15th century by the poet Narsinh Mehta in the Gujarati language. The bhajan was included in Mahatma Gandhi’s daily prayer. The bhajan speaks about the life, ideals and mentality of a Vaishnava Jana (a follower …

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Takbeer ‘Eid-ul Fitr – Lyrics with Meaning


The Takbīr (تَكْبِير), also transliterated Tekbir or Takbeer lyrics, is the Arabic phrase Allāhu akbar (الله أكبر), usually translated as “God is [the] greatest”. It is a common Islamic Arabic expression, used in various contexts by Muslims; in formal prayer, in the call for prayer (adhān). This phrase is recited …

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Durga Chalisa Lyrics Text in English

Durga Chalisa Lyrics

Durga Chalisa is a devotional song based on Durga Mata. Durga Chalisa is a popular prayer composed of 40 verses. This Chalisa is sung by Durga Mata devotees for fulfilment of their wishes. Durga Chalisa is the devotional bhajan song of Goddess Durga, the fierce form of Goddess Parvathi Devi. …

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