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Shree Vakratunda, Subh Labh & Gayatri Ganesh Mantra

Shree Vakratunda Subh Labh Mantra

SHREE VAKRATUNDA / SUBH LABH & GAYATRI GANESH MANTRA Generally Lord Ganesh, child of Mahadev Shiva, is worshiped first among all Gods. Ruler Ganesh gives intelligence and evacuates all deterrents which may come while performing propitious work. Subsequently Lord Ganesh is revered first while beginning all Pujas and propitious exercises. Vakratunda …

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Jay Adhya Shakti – Ambe Maa Aarti lyrics

Jay Adhya Shakti Ambe maa Aarti lyrics

Jay Adhya Shakti – Ambe Maa Aarti Lyrics English Jay Adhya Shakti aarti is Gujarati aarti for Ambe Maa sung during Navaratri Days in Gujarat. By Singing Jay Adhya Shakti one can get blessing of Maa ambe. This aarti is specially lyrics as it cover all the shakti swaroop of …

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Linga Bhairavi Stuthi / Stuti Lyrics

Linga Bhairavi Stuthi / Stuti

LINGA BHAIRAVI STUTHI / STUTI LYRICS These are the 33 auspicious names of Devi. When chanted with devotion, one becomes available to receive Her grace. The sadhana can be done at any time of the day or night and can be done by all. There are no dietary restrictions, though …

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