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Aum Sarvebhyo Devebhyo Mantra

Aum Sarvebhyo Devebhyo Namaha Lyrics with Meaning


Aum Sarvebhyo … is one of the famous mantra for worshiping all energy. If You want to perform Mahashivratri Sadhana, one must know the Sarvebhyo devebbhyo Mantra. Here we have lyrics text in English & Hindi. Do 12 cycles of Shiva Namaskar on empty stomach. Then chant the Sarvebhyo Chant thrice. This should be done once a day, before sunrise or after sunset.


Aum Sarvebhyo Devebhyo Namaha
(We bow down to all the celestial and divine beings)
Aum Pancha Bhutaya Namaha
(We bow down to the five elements)
Aum Shri Sathguruve Namaha
(We bow down to the Eternal Guru)
Aum Shri Pritviyai Namaha
(We bow down to Mother Earth)
Aum Adi Yogishwaraya Namaha
(We bow down to the One who is the Origin of Yoga)
Aum, Aum, Aum

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